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4 Excuses That Decrease Your Chances of Being Successful. Are You Making Any?

4 Excuses That Decrease Your Chances of Being Successful. Are You Making Any?

One of the most important and often ignored factors that stop you from getting successful is the excuse that you make to avoid the initial stages of struggle. The one negative statement that you pass can completely change the possible reality. You may not realize it now but what you believe is what you manifest and by that, you can easily manifest your dreams to be your reality but you choose not to, by being negative.

A lot of you may not be making an excuse per say but all those negative statements that you use to defend your lack of passion or your failure to take a step forward towards something you want are coined as excuses, eventually. You will find an excuse written in the list below that you must be constantly using, check out and see how to work on it.

“I Am Too Old to Start”

This is the most common excuse people make. You may be thinking you are the only one who couldn’t take action at the right time, but actually the opposite is true. There are so many people who feel this way. And not to forget, a lot of people who take action despite being ‘older than the crowd’ and succeed. The only difference between people making this excuse and people succeeding is that they moved on and above the excuse. Of course they too, at some point felt bad about not taking action sooner or missing out their chances, but that didn’t stop them from taking action now. When you take action despite opposing circumstances, you are increasing your possibilities to succeed because at least you are in the race. You are moving towards the finishing line. 

“I Am Not Qualified Enough”

Not everyone is a PhD holder in every field. Do you really want me to name successful people who were dropouts? There is nothing like being qualified for something. You can always learn if you wish to gain knowledge about a subject or you can simply practically explore the field. Education and qualification are two very different concepts that are often used interchangeably but your qualification does not justify your education and it certainly does not hold more value than education. Focus on learning and not the certification and you are good to go.

“I Don’t Have Anyone”

It may seem relevant because the statement changes according to the context of the conversation but I’m sure a lot of you must have said this more than once while discussing your future plans with someone. You feel you don’t have a huge network that can help you get started. Or maybe you believe you don’t have enough friends who would support you. You may feel your family would be against your idea and you won’t receive any appreciation or support  from them. You feel you are all by yourself and it gets really tiring to do everything on your own. How many things can you relate to now?

And now, as always, I will mention, you are not the only one. We all feel this way. Because we are a generation that is not truly blessed with great friends. Or maybe we are but we don’t realize it?

“I Don’t Know, I Can’t, Maybe I Shouldn’t”

Ever been there where you don’t exactly know why you are not starting, just you are not able to find a good reason? Remember the last time you were negative about your own idea, confused, not sure how everything will fall in place and what would be the expected path? Yep, that is where you failed yourself. I am sorry but you tell me, didn’t you? You were not able to trust yourself. You had no confidence in your own plan. You were not ready to find the direction.

You see, perfection is overrated, knowing everything beforehand is overrated. You don’t have to find the right path, you are supposed to find ‘a path’ and just get started. You will find on the go if that was the right path or not. Stop comparing your life with google maps. Google maps has a fixed destination, whatever place you wish to be at. But in life that is not always the case. Your destination, the one you are expecting may not be the final destination. Maybe you are supposed to reach somewhere else and the destination you are considering the ultimate stop is just a gas station.

You need to understand things don’t have to start on the right track, they just have to get started, you will eventually find the right track. Everything may seem a little overwhelming at the beginning but you have got to keep moving, struggling. And this struggle will pay off, we all know that. In one way or another, it doesn’t have to be how you expected it to come out. Just take care of your mental health, enjoy the process and continue moving. Crawl, walk, run, jog, take a break, have some THC, check out Observer’s guide to know what delta 8 THC is and you’re good to go. There is no need to panic. 

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