4 Fun Training Games You Should Play With Your Dog

Pet dogs are more than just a family member. They always care and provide the required support when you are sad. They are a reason for your happiness. Yes, you get it right! I am talking about your beloved pet—your emotional support dog. Just think, your pet has helped you a lot in maintaining your proper mental health, thus it’s your responsibility to give them back even more. If they are keeping you happy, you should also keep them happy with amazing fun games. Games not only keep your pet active but boost their mental health as well. Let’s discuss the top 4 fun training games you can play with your pet.

Name Game

This is important, and you should include it in your dog training schedule. Say the name of your dog, and when they come to you, give a treat. Do this at least 5-6 times a day. The name game allows your dog to focus on you, listen to you, and follow your instructions. It helps in many situations. Suppose you are visiting a place that’s new to your dog, you can use the name command to call your pet anytime.

You can also add distractions to train your pet completely. Minor indoor distractions are—people and pets not interacting with the dog while big distractions are—people playing with the dog.

Hide & Seek

This game isn’t only for fun but it helps your dog to learn a variety of life skills as well. It helps you to build a strong bond with your pet. Imagine you are on a trip and get separated from your dog. I know it’s a scary thought, but we are just considering it. Your dog will become anxious. However, if you have played hide & seek and other such games with your dog, they know to stay calm in the situation. Moreover, your pet will make an effort to find you.

Start playing this game at home. Call your dog from another room and hide. Give a treat every time they find you. Keep practicing by hiding in different places, allowing your dog to search you at every corner of the house. Gradually, you can move to outdoor places for hide & seek and add distractions to train your dog properly.

Play Frisbee

It’s an advanced game in which your dog has to fetch the frisbee. This game is beneficial in keeping your dog active and developing skills to chase over long distances. The Frisbee game is a great physical exercise for the owners as well.

Start with a soft flyer, and let your dog learn the technique of keeping an eye on frisbee while running and catching with the mouth. Gradually, you can use frisbees made from other materials. Make sure not to choose very hard materials as they can hit your dog’s face, thus discouraging them from playing the game. Practice by tossing the frisbee in your hands and throwing it short distances, allowing your dog to get excited and prepare for the game.

Water Games

Visiting a local beach provides great fun, especially when your dog loves swimming, however, you should take a safety jacket. You can bring some of your dog’s favorite toys and ask the pet to fetch them in the water. Remember, you should bring toys that float in water.

If there’s no beach nearby or your pet doesn’t know how to swim, you can still enjoy water sports with your pet. Get a large pool, and your dog will love splashing around and playing games. You should keep certain things (such as hose) away from your dog’s reach as they can damage them. You can also take pictures of your dog in the water.

To sum up, keeping your dog happy and entertained is important. There’s a wide range of training games that allow your pet to learn life skills as well as have fun. The Name Game involves calling your dog from different distances and giving a treat for every success. Hide & Seek is a good mental exercise that helps your dog to develop search skills while staying calm in various situations. Playing frisbee enables your pet to chase long distances and develop a strong bond with you. However, you can find more games online, before trying anything, make sure your dog is comfortable with it.

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