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5 Ways to Do a Digital Detox

5 Ways to Do a Digital Detox

You and I, we’re both digital residents of this digital world always on our digital devices fighting a digital battle. I know, it sounds a little bit excessive but is it really any different? No, because we need to be present digitally if not all the time, at least 50% of the time. 

To exist in our world today you need to be present on a digital platform otherwise are you even existing? This has led to a crazy world which is so riddled with digital life related issues that every stress that comes with it, we embrace it as super normal. Taking CBD gummies or using a THC vape pen to get rid of this stress has also become extremely popular and only because everyone around is suffering from the same.

The concept of Digital detox thus became popular along with the intrusion of the tentacles of digital life into our personal lives. We needed to take a step back and remember the world which is beyond the screens of our laptops, mobile phones, or PCs. We then voluntarily choose to take breaks where we try to stay away from any form of digital intervention to maintain our sanity. Here are five ways that can help you in your next digital detox.

Remove Distractions 

Being a digital hoe if you decide to go on a digital detox removing distractions from around you becomes of utmost importance. Anything that is not super important for your day to day survival needs to be removed from your territory. Chances are if you see something like your phone or your laptop lying beside you, you will forget all about the digital detox and open it to see the latest notifications. By removing distractions you are ensuring you are focusing on what is important and what is not.

Don’t Glamourize Being Busy All the Time 

We all love clinging to the tag of a busy bee. We do it mainly because staying busy is looked at as an admirable trait and it makes us feel good about ourselves. However, this is not always healthy. Living in the moment is also equally important. Take time out of your “busy” schedule on screen and be present to offer help in a physical, more real way. Being busy shouldn’t be a reason for you to ignore all real life problems and escape into your digital world.

Always Ask ‘Why’ Whenever You Take out Your Phone 

Everytime you feel the need to take out your smartphone or laptop ask yourself the reason for doing so. If it happens for the wrong reasons, you need to immediately stop and reevaluate if it is even needed in your life. Do not use it as an escape route from all real life problems. To distract, avoid or ignore is not a permanent solution to any problem. Be present and be grateful to be there.

Try Using the Rule of Thirds 

Divide your day to day activities into three classifications. This will help you to sort out the chaos that otherwise ensues in your life. 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of free time is a rule of thumb that each of us should abide by. Setting realistic working standards and allowing some free time allows for your brain to function optimally. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit, rather focus on working smart.

Do Digital Fasts Here and There

If taking an elongated digital detox break sounds too unrealistic for you, start with a digital fast. Digital fast is when you go through a whole day in your life without using any digital device. When you get in the habit of taking these fasts here and there, it overall increases your chances of successfully completing a digital detox break. 

Sometimes taking extended breaks isn’t logistically possible hence this idea is perfect for those busy bees. You can try to put this plan into action for the upcoming weekend and see how it positively affects you. Make your way to a library or something along those lines to help feel a little better.

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