A Guide to Help You Un-Busy Yourself

A Guide to Help You Un-Busy Yourself

Running around the town. Commuting to work. Sitting in front of a screen for 8 hours only to bring some of that extra work home and spending the rest of the evening eating a salad while looking at the screen for another 2 hours. And if you get some time off, you can always log into your netflix account or binge on some instagram reels. 

That’s how life has been for the majority. We’ve been living under the pretense of a busy life that we have no control over. But the truth is, we’re too accustomed to a life that schedules everything for us. And that has made us a slave of time, and of those who we give control of our time. (yes, our bosses) 

The idea is to learn to live, to have time for things that matter in life and to enjoy some of the peace and quiet you deserve. 

Realize Your Work is Not Your Life

The process to un-busy yourself starts with realizing that the work you do is just one aspect of your life. It definitely adds value to your life, but there is a limit to what you can gain from it. Doing that extra bit of someone else’s work because there is a deadline shouldn’t make your priorities secondary. 

Taking out time for other things is just as important. 

Set Time Aside To Spend With Your Family

Remember the sunday lunch you promised your partner but couldn’t make it due to the impromptu meeting you had? Or the dinner you cancelled on your parents for the second time that week? 

Whatever your reason for cancelling those plans might be, if you aren’t spending time with your family, you’re losing on some beautiful moments and memories. 

Schedule Day Outs With Friends Or By Yourself

Spending time with people you love and care about (apart from your family) doesn’t remain a priority once you’ve entered that 9-5 hustle. You’re all ‘busy’ with your lives, but that’s even more of a reason to schedule a night out every now and then. Brunch dates with your bros maybe? As you get high on a delta 8 thc vape while looking at the landscape, how does a trip to the mountains with your friends, over the weekend, sound to you?

It’s always the little things in life that become memories. You don’t have to go for something grand, just finding time to spend time with a positive and engaging company will work. 

Or, you could always go to the zoo or the park for a stroll by yourself. Breath the fresh breeze while letting the sunshine sink in. 

Leave Your Work At Work

Are you someone who opens their laptop on the dinner table and starts revising spendsheets? Or get on business calls the moment you enter your home?

You’ve already set apart 9 hours just to do that and that’s enough. Your house should be a place of relaxation and comfort, not a place to prepare your presentations. We’re not saying, you should never bring any work home. Sometimes, you have to manage your priorities. The problem arises when it becomes an everyday affair and the thin line between your office and home begins to blur. 

Disconnect From The Digital World

We get that you want some time to yourself after a long and busy day at work, but there are other ways to do that. While some time spent on your mobile isn’t going to harm you or anyone, it’s always ideal to connect with actual people around you, do things you enjoy, take relaxing baths and read a novel you’ve been putting on hold for too long. 

Become Mindful

The whole concept of being un-busy is to become mindful. You have to cut down on things that add no value to your life and put emphasis on what is truly meaningful. Spending time with yourself and on your mental wellbeing, making memories with your family and friends, going for a walk with your pet or a sunday brunch after service at the church; it can all make a difference. 

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