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How to Qualify For A Job in The Cannabis Industry?

Are you looking for a job in the cannabis industry? If your answer is yes, you need to learn a lot about the cannabis industry and cannabis itself before sitting in an interview. There is no doubt that the cannabis industry has grown considerably in the past few years. In fact, the growth is quite evident. As of now, medical marijuana is legal in 33+ American states. This also means that more and more dispensaries are opening up, people are looking at cannabis from a different perspective, and cannapreneurs are ready to escalate their business to new heights. 

Eventually, if we put this into perspective, it is easier to conclude that this flourishing industry is advancing towards a revolution and people are highly enthusiastic about joining cannabis business. The cannabis industry, up till now has given jobs to more than 211,000 people in legal states. In 2018, 64,000 more jobs were added and it looks like the number has increased considerably since then. The reason being, more and more states are legalizing cannabis and new companies are entering the business. As a result, there are several job openings in the industry and people are definitely looking forward to line up an interview. However, before you set an interview, here’s what you need to learn. 

Cannabis is a serious business 

Most often people take the cannabis industry for granted. They show up in interviews without a resume and display unruly behavior. Surprisingly, such candidates assume that the cannabis industry is only trying to promote the products and it is not a serious business. This is why they approach the interview non-seriously. Which is a huge mistake. To begin with, people in this industry expect polite and professional behavior. So, you should take the interview as seriously as other interviews. 

Willingness to learn the business 

Do not be a know-it-all during the interview. First, because this industry is evolving and several areas still require thorough research. So, this means that you should be open to learning new things. The cannabis industry is seeking people who don’t have extensive experience because they need people who are open to learning whatever comes their way.  

To make the first best impression you can start by doing your homework. Read about the existing laws in your state and make sure you have a little idea about what is currently going on in the industry. Also, try to be relevant. In other words, you should know the difference between hemp-derived products and cannabis-derived products. Your basics should be clear and the same goes for experienced cannabis workers. Enthusiasm alone will not work wonders in the interview. The employer will test your knowledge and cannabis has a lot to offer. So, you can score good points by showing interest and reading extensively at the same time. 

Passion alone will not work effectively

This may sound cliche but passion alone will not take you far. You need the skills demanded by the position you’re going for. For example, you cannot be a marketing manager until you have the skills. Passion will not help you grow the brand image but specific marketing skills can. While this might have worked a few years ago, it looks like these days people are not enticed by the ideas of passion. They want people with adept skills and moreover an experience that is relevant to the profession. This way people can bring both passion and ideas to the table – a great idea to grab a cannabis job. 

Come loaded with questions

It is not possible to ask a dumb question about a complex model of business. Several companies are extracting, cultivating, making their own products, and distributing at the same time. Very few industries have an integration like this. This means that you have to be smart while you ask questions. Show your interest and ask them about the business and see where you fit. 

For instance, if you are in marketing, only knowing that cannabis is illegal on the federal level but legal in the state will help you make the first best impression. However, this is just the beginning, for this position you have to know a lot more than that. This means you can show interest in the business by asking them what their strategic model and how do they plan on creating awareness about cannabis. After all, marketing goes a long way and you have to be creatively flexible. With smart questions and skills showcasing your interest in the business model, you might get hired just for the exact position you were looking for. 

Never ask ‘what is your smoking policy’?

medical marijuana card

Yes, I understand that you have applied for a cannabis job but this does not give you the liberty to ask questions like what is your smoking policy? Now, ask yourself one question, will you ask such questions in a different interview? I am sure you won’t even think about it. So, throw these questions out of the window and always remember that such exceptions can only be made in case of people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. 

Such people have a medical marijuana card and the law permits them to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries. But you need to check with the state laws and ensure that your state allows the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Like in California, people with a qualifying medical condition can get a $20 medical card. The same rule applies to all the other states. So, make sure you do not end up asking irrelevant questions in an interview. 

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