Signs It’s Time to Quit 9 to 5 and Start Freelancing

Signs It’s Time to Quit 9 to 5 and Start Freelancing

Even you reading this should be considered one of the signs that it is time to quit your job and consider freelancing or whatever it is that you wish to try.

But if you want solid signs that will help you reconsider your decision of staying in a job for a steady, promising income and the constant stress and toxicity that follows, here are a few signs that will help you make a better pros and cons list of working on your own.

You Have a Reason to Quit Your Job

You don’t necessarily have to hate your job. Neither does your job have to be toxic for you. If you feel you can earn better and more easily if you were on your own, it is a reason why you should consider quitting your job. Any reason that is solid enough to leave a job without falling into it after a few months is good for quitting. Find your reason. If you don’t have a reason to quit, consider writing why you are considering staying in the job. Remember, we work for satisfaction, peace, and money. If your job does not offer you any of this, you should leave your job.

You Are Familiar With Freelancing

You have to know a thing or two about freelancing before you consider doing it full time. You can’t simply start freelancing full time with least to no information about it. Freelancing is often advertised as a lifestyle that allows you to be your own boss, work from anywhere, and earn in six figures. All of this is true but the struggle before actually entering this lifestyle is real as well. Unfortunately that is something not a lot of people focus on. Finding clients, meeting deadlines, getting into the technicalities of documenting everything and earning without falling for scams, everything needs to be known properly before stepping into freelancing full time. Maybe try freelancing as a side hustle to begin with and once you feel you have a constant income from even one client, you can leave 9-5 and pursue freelancing full time.

You Have Enough Savings

You don’t have to be a millionaire but still have enough savings that can let you stay on your own even if you have to spend a month or two without any income. That is a worst case scenario but it is important to take into consideration before leaving your job. Not having enough savings would mean you end up going back to some other job within a few months and that is not how you should step into freelancing. Be prepared beforehand because freelancing is going to take a lot of time and effort. It is going to be a struggle before you start earning more than what you are making through your job.

Note, I didn’t say it is going to be time consuming, it may take less than a month for you to start earning more than what your job gives you but the struggle is going to be there. You have to be prepared for the struggle, how much time you take depends solely on you.

You Have a Plan to Stay Productive

You Have a Plan to Stay Productive

Working from home, without any deadlines or a boss means you can work whenever and however you want. While this is something that most people step into freelancing for, this is the same reason why people fail to work as a freelancer for long. Working from home, especially as a freelancer, means you can be unproductive. But this is something you should know how to work on, before you even leave your job. Research about staying productive while working from home, try a few applications or routines that work the best for you. See if your workplace can give you work from home during your notice period.

When you finally start working as a freelancer, initial days are either going to be extra productive or the most unproductive. Either way, you are going to experience the extreme case scenario.

Once you get used to working from home and being your own boss, you will find it difficult to continue working from home and you will be least productive at times. If this happens with you, consider stepping out of your house during the day. Sit in a coffee shop or a restaurant and work there. This will allow you to get out of your usual environment and increase your productivity by a lot.

Don’t forget, taking a break at times will be important too. While your work gives you paid leaves and off on weekends, that may not be the case in freelancing. So be prepared to take a few days off or manage work and life because otherwise you will experience a serious burnout.

Remember freelancing is supposed to make your life better, don’t make it worse or hectic by working all the time. Time management will help you here, and of course taking time off work and doing something that will help you divert your mind from work to entertainment like

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