Start Downloading These Apps For an Amazing Traveling Experience This Year

Start Downloading These Apps For an Amazing Traveling Experience This Year

Everyone keeps talking about how important it is to travel or their travelling experiences. The benefits of travelling are not limited to, learning new places or cultures. It has a psychological impact that takes away the stress buildups. However, planning a trip is not as easy as it seems. A lot goes into planning different events: flights, hotel bookings, travel places nearby, checking your house, calling up emergency plumber in Wolverhampton (if required) and a lot more. Imagine what it would be like if you could plan a dream trip without costing much of your time or money? Yes, you heard it right. Whether you want to check the airfares or wish to check-in a hotel within ten minutes, your smartphone apps can make your experience less stressful. 

Travel apps not only help you with information but will provide you access to booking or managing logistics wherever you plan on flying next. But, here’s something more interesting. These smartphone apps will act as a guidebook that will help you navigate a new place, or pack a perfect suitcase. It’s like whatever you will need while travelling, your smartphone will have an app for that. Want to see how different apps work for you? So, let’s begin. 

Travel Apps For Arranging Accommodations 

There is no shortage of apps in your smartphone, and luckily not all of them are meant for cluttering your phone. So, after sorting out the useless ones, the apps that will help you to find proper accommodation are listed below. 


This app will help you book, view, or modify your reservations. The app will also help you to access your rewards status if any. It has a lot of perks. This app is a fast and straightforward way to book a perfect hotel. The app provides in-depth sort or filter options with the advantage of last-minute hotel bookings. You can also avail a few exclusive deals at your destination by using “deals for tonight” feature. All in all, the app will help you to save around 40% of your savings. 

Hilton HHonors 

The app has an advantage of pre-arrival room selections. However, that would be subject to availability. You can see a map of the hotel and tap on the exact room that you wish to choose. And that’s not all. The app provides you access to the opening door of a hotel room using a digital key provided by the app. This app would be helpful if you want to have any room preferences. The app allows you to pre-order your favourite pillow type or snacks or beverage requests before your arrival. You can check-in with a single tap without any hurdles. 


If you are looking into home rentals instead of hotels, this is the app that is a must for you. You can sort your searchers based on price, services offered, features, and others. You can even go for last-minute searches while travelling and find properties suitable for your needs. And that too, without any requirement of pre-approvals. Just check the “Trips” tab, and view your reservation and search for different experiences in your destination using this app. 

Travel Apps For Organizing Your Trip

Staying organized while travelling is not something everyone can achieve. However, being organized will act as a stress-buster that will help you to avoid any unnecessary expenditures. A travel app will help you organize almost every aspect of your trip starting from receipts, fare comparisons to keeping you right on schedule. Here are some of the go-to travel apps to help you stay organized. 


It’s a type of app that will sort your itinerary and documents. You can link your reservations to this app. That’s how you can receive travel confirmation, tickets, hotels, and information about a lot of other apps such ferry tickets, driving directions without leaving the app at all. TripIt makes it simple for travellers to share their travel plans with anyone coming to pick them up. So, you can easily coordinate with everyone without any hassles. If you use a Pro subscription at $49 per year, you will receive a few extra features such as real-time flight alerts, security wait times, or baggage claim info. 


If you are up for an epic road trip, this app will allow you to plan your route. And lets you know about the hotels and activities along the way. It’s an app for travellers who like off-the-beaten-path roadside attractions. Or the landmarks that you might miss out using the usual itinerary or travel guides.  You can bookmark cool destinations and restaurants, and if you go for a Plus subscription for $29 per year, you will have access to offline maps, live traffic info, and a lot of other features. 

Bottom Line 

Smartphones have become a necessity of today’s lifestyle. You always feel missing out on things in the absence of a smartphone. So, why not make full use of them while travelling as well, besides clicking pictures. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend getaway or a family trip, give any one of these apps a shot. You can easily streamline your journey, stay on your budget, or maybe explore something using apps like Meetup, The Fork. Such apps will help you with exciting new experiences, especially if you are travelling solo and wish to meet a like-minded group of friends. Happy travelling!! 

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