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The Most Popular And Best Diets Of 2020

Dieting has become a trend. Just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. But how will you stick to a diet?.

You have to find a diet plan that won’t leave you hungry. Some people believe that when you are dieting, you also have to sacrifice. But you should know that you have to find a suitable diet plan, in which unhealthy food has healthier alternatives. 

One of the most common notions are, to stop frying potato chips and bake them instead. 

There are some very popular diets this year. With the new years resolution, many people have actually seen a change in themselves. 

Is it a plant or is it meat?

Since this new phenomena has already crashed social media you must be aware about it. The plant based meat. It is exactly what you are thinking. Or maybe not. Well actually in 2019 was the first launch of this plant based meat burger. And they are clearly here to stay in 2020. Their ingredients are quite simple, its just pea protein, rice protein, canola oil. This was an amazing idea considering all the cancer risk involving red meat.

Celery juice 

Whether its Hollywood or Bollywood, most the millennial actors swear that their fab bodies are because of this very appealing juice. However it is now in 2020 that people will realize the true facts about it though. Did you they have healing properties of strong nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, boosts immunity and the weight gained by you is reversed rapidly.

Sugar free diet 

In 2020, I don’t think I need to tell you why sugar is bad for you. It is already pretty clear that people are looking for alternatives for sugar. Most commonly used is honey. Even then this trend is only catching up this year. Some have even adopted natural sources like stevia rebaudiana


Even though it has its own health benefits. Not everyone prefers dairy dairy products, and not everyone has the taste buds for it. People have already seen a mark up of almond milk and soy milk in the previous year. But in 2020 it’s all about the oat milk. It is a healthy approach for those who are food sensitive. And for for all those gluten haters it is an extremely good choice. It is very nutritious as in has high protein and fiber. 

Non toxic plants are really good.

Non toxic plants or better known as adaptogens. They can help you in your diet comprehensively. 

Involuntary stress is something we all take in our daily life. This diet helps in keeping the stress away and maintaining our brains workload, to keep it from exploding with pressure and tension. They are actually medicinal herbs like ashwagandha, turmeric, holy basil and licorice.

Liquid diet 

Something that all the famous actors are doing to keep up their 6 pack abs is to be on a liquid diet. In this diet you are literally drinking your calories. 

But there is a set back to this. Since you are going to be juicing all the fruits and veggies for your calorie intake, you will be losing out on a lot of fiber that these fruits and vegetables have. If you realize have the choice of picking between solid or liquid, I would prefer solid any day. If you are juicing you are potentially targeting your liver for a setback.

Keto diet 

Whats all the rage about keto you ask? well , a very high fat diet diet with low carbs and moderate amount of protein ought to get your attention. Even though this diet is promising when you have to shed weight very fast. I would say it has its drawbacks as well. It is nothing to worry about, its just that during this diet people find themselves to have a “keto fever”. This is caused by the sudden change form carbs and protein to fat. Your body takes time to process too you know. 

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